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Farokh is a Senior Information Technology Professional with over 30 years of experience. He has extensive hands-on experience with all aspects of Information Technology and he will work with you to ensure that your project is handled professionally and competently.

At Best Tech Service, and prior to that, MCF Software, he has helped clients by purchasing and installing networks, servers, desktop and laptop computers, printers and phone systems. He has done conversions of servers from hardware to virtual machines, which resulted in huge savings for the client in power and rack space. He does troubleshooting on complex computer and network configurations.

Prior to forming Best Tech Service and MCF Software, he was a Senior Programmer and Technical Support Staff for Telmar Information Services Corp., a leading developer of software used by advertising agencies worldwide for planning advertising media purchases. During his 17 years at Telmar, he developed one of the first corporate email systems on Telmar’s mainframe system, as well as a number of other libraries used on the mainframe. He was on the forefront of the IBM PC revolution, including having one of the first IBM PC/ATs on the east coast of the US and was instrumental in helping to rewrite code from the mainframe onto the PC using C and then C++. He also wrote one of the first true interrupt driven print queues for MS-DOS, where files were queued up to print by applications so that the user wasn’t forced to wait for the printer to complete printing. He also developed a terminal emulation program that included the ability for the mainframe to send commands to the terminal to perform file transfers using an in-house protocol over disparate communications networks, including X.25 based Telnet, Datapac, and networks in Europe and South Africa. He was also on call 24 hours for communications, network and computer issues.